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Are you living in a body you love?


Or are you constantly swimming upstream, battling the waves of fatigue, self-loathing and frustration because no matter what you try, no matter how much force you use or how dedicated you make yourself, you keep getting pulled back to where you started, or worse? 

You probably know someone (or maybe you are that someone?) who really works hard at loosing weight, trying to get that perfect figure...or maybe even just a better figure...yet is never able to meet the goal.  Like swimming against the rip tide, never getting anywhere except more exhausted and discouraged.  It seems the harder the work, the more frustratingly things stay the same...or get even worse!  We struggle with weight and yet we’re also obsessed with thinness.  It's no secret that what we're doing doesn't work.  The question is why not. 


If we’re so obsessed and have created so many resources – everything from books to special foods and supplements, why isn’t getting fit and fabulous attainable for everyone? 

It’s time to stop swimming against the tide and learn the truth:

FACT:   You are NOT a failure, you are not lazy and you are not useless.  You

have amazing courage and you DO have what it takes to get to a comfortable and satisfactory state of wellbeing and fitness for you, really. 

FACT:  While depriving yourself of certain foods or quantities of food, and

increasing your calorie expenditures can cause release of some weight, it’s usually temporary.  The moment you stop exercising and eating more, or come up against some new stuck energy the weight will come back...often with a vengeance.

FACT:   What it takes to create ANYTHING is not more force, but your own

POWER.  You can use your power to clear the past, release unsupportive patterns and install whatever you desire for this or any goal.

FACT:  The moment you clear and manage your energies, true fitness will

simply become your new way of living, and it’ll be easier and more satisfying than you ever hoped! 

If you’re like most of my clients, you want to be slim and healthy.  You want to be able to wear nice clothes, and feel that you look good in them.  Most of us don't aspire to be the next cover of a muscle magazine or win a bodybuilding title. 


Many fitness programs excite us with the dream of the perfect body

but all most of us ever really want is the perfect body for us! 


Frustrated and disappointed, you’ve already paid thousands in diet food, supplements, books, tapes, classes, gym memberships – not to mention the cost of your personal time and effort.  So much so you don’t want to think about it, or think of wasting one more dime on so-called fitness. 


Or maybe you’ve successfully spent years and thousands on being fit, but now nothing you do works.  You’re frustrated and tired.  You may even ask yourself why you should pay more to take yet another program?  I understand.  I’ve been there too!  


I developed my program to help me lose the over 50 lbs. I gained from a traumatic neck injury and the medicines doctors gave me to help with the pain - the meds didn't work which caused me to learn energy work...and one of the first issues I cleared was the excess weight!  Gone in just a few months without excerise and starving myself!  I know my program has for me and for the hundreds of people I've helped successfully stop dieting for good...and you can too!


With the fitness industry reporting in at just over $17 billion, the supplement industry garnering a whopping $20 billion and the diet and weightloss industry topping the charts at nearly $40 billion, the investment in our so-called "fitness" is astounding.  Sustained success ratesremain somewhere near a mere 5%, so clearly something's not working. 


Just how much of these dollars wasted were yours? 

Working on your fitness and wellbeing with yet another program may seem like an investment you just can't afford anymore.  But the real costs you will pay are the increasing costs of declining health if you don’t learn to manage your energies to achieve and support your wellbeing once and for all!  How much more money will you spend on even more new gadgets that don't help, supplements that do more harm than good, your increasing wardrobe, or the emotional cost of feeling worse and worse about yourself?  What cost will you be paying in disease and illness you could have prevented by finally getting your fitness to your optimum level?  


You don't have to keep wasting money on a dream that you never wanted in the first place.  Once you learn how to manage your energies, that’s it.  You will always have the tools to create whatever you want in life...including the level of fitness that satisfies you!


Would you like to learn the REAL reason

loosing weight and getting fit can be such a struggle? 

It's the secret that will finally make your own fitness effortless!

Read on to learn why our efforts are almost always doomed to fail and how Living Harmony’s Lose the Weight, Gain Your Life program will teach you the tools you need to end this battle...forever:

There are so many components that go into physical fitness.  We focus on eating “right” and exercising, but if that was the formula that worked we’d all be fit, and whoever wasn’t would just be people who choose to be out of shape.  That’s simply not the case.  Most people who give fitness their attention, genuinely try to eat mostly what’s healthy and should help them maintain a healthy weight.  In fact, often the more the weight doesn’t come off, the more intense their effort becomes. 

Why, even with Herculean effort, are we still having such difficulties?

Western medicine is now embracing the Mind-Body connection, but this embrace is just in it’s infancy.  We’re so proud of ourselves, as if we’ve discovered something new...but of course masters throughout the ages have understood this important equation since the beginning of time...and while there are fat, unfit people everywhere, those who espouse the mind-body connection as a basic fact of life don’t have these issues as severely as those who haven’t quite figured out that their thoughts go a long way to creating their experience of life.

“I also worked with a self-help coach in person and online to help me break away from self defeating habits that were actually sabotaging all my hard work in the gym and my diet. I didn’t even know I was setting myself up for disaster by working harder... Based on my experiences, I believe a life coach is far more important than a personal trainer when it comes to winning the war with fat!”  

Jennifer Nicole Lee –

Just a “regular” Mom, who lost over 70 lbs. after the birth of her 2nd son, and went on to win the 2005 Ms. Bikini title!


But are our thoughts the only thing that causes us to be unfit and fat?

Of course the answer is no.  Most people who first learn about manifesting and the Law of Attraction are so excited only to be let down when they find out that no, in fact you can’t just think and feel positively and all your problems will disappear.  In the first place, the Law of Attraction is just ONE of a host of Universal Laws.  Attempting to use only that law will create unbalanced results.  In the second place, your conscious thoughts and feelings are only a few of the components in a host of things that go into what really matters, your vibrational frequency.  We are energetic beings living a physical experience.  We are constantly emitting a frequency to the Universe, and just like an ordering station, the Universe reads our signal and transmits back to us whatever experiences are in harmonic resonance with that vibration. 

The simple fact is, you ARE that with which

your vibrational frequency resonates!

Our subconscious mind is far more powerful and active than our conscious mind can ever be.  It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout every single day of our lives.  While our subconscious is really our faithful servant, always seeking to maintain our existence, it does so according to whatever programming it currently holds.  Since our programming is held in our subconscious we’re most often not even aware of what beliefs, patterns and paradigms we’re living by, instead just accepting these things as “fact” since they seem to come up from within us.  No matter how strongly we want something, whenever there is a conflict between what we consciously desire and what our programming calls for, our subconscious programming will win every single time. 

What your inner programming tells you is the biggest part of your vibrational frequency, it is what you will become and what you will maintain.  But our vibration isn’t just made up of our conscious thoughts and desires.  If that were true, then all you’d have to do is consciously think yourself thin.  It’s not just our conscious thoughts that create our experience, our subconscious mind plays an even more powerful role.  Together, all these elements cause us to emit the frequency related to our inner beliefs, and they do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The simple truth is the frequency we send out returns to us as the experiences we live. 

“My body is like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don't think about it, I just have it.” 

Arnold Scwarzenegger

Ever notice how families tend to all have the same characteristics?  Think about it.  More than the Murphy’s having red hair, when you look past the surface you’ll notice that they also are “generally” thin, or “generally” happy, or “generally prosperous.”  While coming forth in very individual ways within each family member, these similar characteristics are not a mere coincidence!  And what if you’re the “only one” who’s fat or broke all the time?  Just imagine how many times you think that thought consciously and subconsciously, how many times well-meaning family members have commented on your situation or tried to help you.  Either way, you are sending out a signal and you are getting that experience in return.

It’s not enough that we get messages from our own DNA, our family and friends...our society gives us images and rules that tell us exactly what our fate will be too: 

*over 40?  That’s a’re going to start to put on weight and get flabby. 

Except:  Someone better tell Goldie and Demi so they can get fat too!

*had a baby or two?  well, of course the body can only take so’ll just have to accept the fact that your body is stretched out of shape and will never be the same. 

Hmmmm:  Should we alert Sarah Jessica Parker or Heidi Klum now?

*have you been injured and can’t work out?  With the pain, anti-inflammatory drugs, & not being able to do a real’s too bad but you’re in a downward spiral and won’t ever be fit and fabulous again.

In fact:  You don’t need to know a celebrity to know THIS story isn’t true:  all you have to do is meet me...for after a catastrophic neck injury that doctors told me I’d never get over...happily I’m virtually pain-free* and back to my size 6!  Or you could just go knock on Gloria Estefan’s door...

(*I say “virtually” because I’m human...just like everyone else now, if I injure myself I’ll feel pain, so it would be untrue to say I was pain-free...but the pain from that back injury is a long-gone thing of the past...along with the bulk of weight that packed on in less than 2 months all due to drugs, lack of mobility and fear...)

Here’s REAL the truth: 



We simply ARE what we consistently transmit with our vibrational frequency, what we are programmed to be!

The good news is  you CAN reprogram yourself


So...what does your programming tell you? 

*Does it tell you that when you are upset you should go out for a revitalizing brisk walk? 

Or does it tell you to grab the nearest gallon of ice cream and devour it? 

*Do you remember the first time you heard “don’t eat that, you’ll get fat!”

Is this what you hear in your own head as you pick up your fork to dive into that tira misu? 

*Do you love to be physical active so much so that you’ll chose an activity over watching TV?

            Or are you so overwhelmed with life and being out of shape that you just need to plop down to rest?

*Do the members of your family eventually end up with a few extra pounds, or worse actually obese? 

            Do you believe that this is “just the way it is as we get older” and nothing you do can fight your destiny?

*Have you been physically fit most of your life, and know that your metabolism may change but you’ll still be able to maintain your same amazing figure? 

Or have you been fit most of your life, but lately it’s become harder and harder to get the same good results you used to so you just feel you have to “accept the fact” that you’ll eventually lose the battle and become flabby and even just a bit overweight? 

Of course many of these statements may seem absurd when you read them, but it’s simply not enough to consciously understand the truth.  Our internal programming filters all our conscious thoughts and automatically discards anything that does not resonate with our programming! 

 “Affirmations” seem like a popular tool used to either change our life or design the life we want.  On the surface, they look great.  Talk to yourself in positives, the theory goes, and eventually you’ll accept these as your truths.  It’s that word “eventually” that doesn’t get the exposure it deserves.  The fact is many people have used only affirmations to change their lives and they have worked well for them.  For those people, whatever they were affirming did not come up against opposing subconscious programming, or stuck energy. But most people’s inner programming makes it either incredibly difficult or even impossible for the affirmations to sink in and change our inner programming.  In fact, most people end up feeling worse after attempting to force an affirmation that is in direct opposition to what they are transmitting vibrationally. 

That conflict feels painful because it’s the conflict that is causing the pain!

If affirmations alone worked perfectly and consistently, then we’d all know “oh, I just have to say this and my life will change accordingly.”  How many self-help books have you read and how many times have you tried to affirm the things you want, only to get tired and stop or even if you diligently repeat them, become depressed as you fail to see the results you want?  That’s most people.  Most people think they are doing something wrong, not enough, or that they are not meant to have what they’re affirming.   None of that is true.  It’s simply that their internal programming will not allow the affirmation to take root.  And the more you push, the harder your internal programming has to push back! 

What we RESIST really does PERSIST!

Your subconscious mind is an extremely powerful mechanism.  In fact it is more powerful than even the most powerful super-computer ever built.  And it has one job:  to keep you alive.  That’s it.  And until it learns otherwise, it will hold on to your internal programming with a death grip, because so far it has proved to you and itself over and over again that it has done it’s job.  So far, the programming you have has “worked”’re here, right?  And you’re alive, right?  And you have achieved certain other constants, right?  Your subconscious mind knows the results you’ve gotten with the programming you have.  It’s like the old adage, better the devil you know than the one you don’t.  Your subconscious mind does not know what the outcome of changed programming will be.  So in order to protect you and the status quo, it holds onto your inner programming. 

The only way to make a change in your life that is permanent is to change your subconscious programming.  Then your subconscious will actually work to create what you consciously want!



Energy modalities, especially Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) combined with essential oils,  are the keys to unlock your powerful subconscious mind to finally, easily and completely change your life and your body.  EFT is a “new” discovery that has provided an ever-growing population with relief from pain, diseases and emotional issues – including weight loss and physical fitness! 

Simply stated, it is a unique version of acupressure that addresses and properly manages the Mind-Body connection.  This common sense approach draws its power from (1) time-honored Eastern discoveries that have been around for over 5,000 years and (2) Albert Einstein, who told us back in the 1920's that everything (including our bodies) is composed of energy. These ideas have been largely ignored by Western Healing Practices and that is why EFT often works where nothing else will. 

The study of energy wellbeing modalities is in its infancy, but there are literally thousands of studies that show the effects and positive results quite clearly.  There are even clinical studies that show the before and after effects of EFT on the blood!  Our vibrational frequency directly affects our bodies, right down to our cellular level.  Period. 

Throughout the history of humankind, in almost every culture in the world, essential oils were legendary for healing, fighting infection, and enhancing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength.  Thanks to clinical laboratory research, we now know about the chemistry and action of plant fragrances and the chemical compounds in the essential oils created from plants.  Their function in nature is to keep plants and animals healthy, free of infection, to repel harmful insects, and to communicate--to each other, to insects, to animals, and to us! The way they affect us is very much the same:  acting on our immune systems, our muscles, internal organs, skin and circulation, and even our emotions, all at once to support our optimum health!

Combining these powerful energy tools, we can reprogram your subconscious mind and body for optimum success!

When used together, energy modalities and essential oils work to clear away negative or unsupportive programming, habits, thoughts and emotions.  Once these are cleared, EFT and essential oils then help us to input new supportive, healthy and positive programming which allow us to think and feel positively, create positive habits and finally get the results we want! 

But don’t worry – if essential oils don’t resonate with you, you do not have to use them to achieve the successful results you desire.  They are a great tool, but you can still achieve terrific results using whatever energy modalities resonate with you.  In fact, that’s one of the benefits of working with Living Harmony:  we’ll identify the tools t hat you like, that work for you and that will support you in creating the results you want.  A tool you don’t use isn’t effective and costs far too much.  Finding the tools you love to use and that work for you is essential in your creating success in any area of your life. 

Living Harmony’s Lose the Weight, Gain Your Life program of weekly sessions has been designed to help you identify and learn the energy management tools that will work for you so you can systematically reprogram your mind and body enabling your daily efforts to finally result in success...a success you can achieve and maintain no matter where you begin.    

Each week, you’ll clear away the negative and input the positive transforming your inner programming and in turn, your vibrational frequency.  You’ll find YOUR personal fears, issues, confusions and frustrations simply washing away.  Your energy will return and increase, as will your enthusiasm.  And you’ll build your own skills at managing and clearing your own energies, so you can move on to managing your own success throughout your life.

Together we’ll clear your stuck energy so you can create the body you’ll finally be proud of, happy with and Living Harmony! 



Living Harmony:  Lose the Weight, Gain Your Life Program:


*Week One:      Reprogramming Self-Image: 

                                        You Can't Be What Your Programming Won’t Allow


*Week Two:      Real Life Goals: 

                                        What's Really Achievable for You Will Astound You

*Week Three:    Curing Binge Cravings: 

                                        Eliminating Self-Sabotage At the Root


*Week Four:      Cleansing the Body for Weightloss & Wellbeing

                                       Clear out old toxins and the fat will follow


*Week Five:      Cleansing the Mind for Weightloss & Wellbeing

                                       Toxins rage in more than just your physical body


*Week Six:        Cleansing the Heart for Weightloss & Wellbeing

                                       Emotional toxins weigh just as much as fat


*Week Seven:   Loving Exercise: 

                                        We Do What You Love, Love What You Do

*Week Eight:    But I'm Not Perfect: 

                                        Oops I Slipped, and Other Bumps On the Way to Success


*Week Nine:     Eating Your Way Thin: 

                                        Satisfaction Not Deprivation

*Week Ten:       Fit In the Family: 

                                        Clearing Ancestral and Familial Patterning

*Week Eleven:  Mind to Body: 

                                        Manage Your Emotional Triggers

Bonus Modules: 


*Week Twelve: Body, Mind, Spirit Maintenance for Lasting Fitness


*Week Thirteen: How to Date without the Weight (single or with a partner!)


*Week Fourteen:  Crisis Management: Grieving, Trauma and other life issues



This program is most definitely different than any other fitness program you’ve ever tried before.   There is no guarantee that you will become an uber-thin supermodel, in fact you will most likely even clear the stuck energy that has had you yearning to become that which you didn’t really want anyway.  Instead, you’ll begin right from the start to shift your daily experience.  You’ll have the tools to create a loving experience for yourself right where you start.   


Your best results, however, will depend on your dedication and determination (of course the secret is that this work will help you have the energy to be more dedicated too!) – but if you go thru this program as a spectator rather than a participant you will not achieve dramatic results. 

In order to get the best results from this program, you will have to:

1)  Attend all your supportive Living Harmony weekly sessions, and the Bonus sessions.

2)  Commit to just a few minutes of energy work daily.

3)   Choose the essential oils and supplements for you and use them regularly.

4)  Be open and willing to performing some physical activity on a regular basis - you don't have to kill yourself at a gym - just walking a bit more than your usual each day can be enough of a signal to your body that you're serious...and who says that walking can't be done effectively a mall?  

5)  Follow through on every clearing with whatever physical changes need to be made.

6)  Email me as often and as much as you wish -we'll either go over your questions in email or in your sessions...ALL your questions, thoughts and ideas are there for you to clear your way to success! 


That’s it!  No outrageous commitments, no superhuman strength needed.   No deprivation, starvation, painful over-exhurtion. 

As you change your inner programming you’ll be amazed at how quickly you experience changes your external experiences.  Clients are often amazed at how they “suddenly” become interested in sports again, or find themselves walking rather than driving.  They report “forgetting” to stop at the drive-thru or simply not picking up their usual snack foods.  The choices they make in their daily diet shift without feelings of deprivation or even having to think carefully about them.  And the results they’ve fought for, struggled with and labored on without success simply begin to emerge peacefully, lovingly, Living Harmony.  

Are you ready to stop struggling and start living? 

For less than the cost of most gym memberships, some home-gym equipment, personal trainers and all the ineffective supplements and motivational personal growth materials you’ve wasted, you can clear away your personal stuck energies that are keeping you unfit, unhappy and unhealthy.  This isn't a one-size fit's all program in which you'll be forced to accept the generic remedy created for the masses.   Living Harmony Lo*se the Weight, Gain Your Life guides you step-by-step through each of the areas that can hold you back, and addresses your own personal energies within each category.  You can replace your current frustration with a lifetime of peaceful prosperity.   And with this ONE-TIME program you’ll have the tools to Tap Into the PowerTM and create the wellbeing and body you want in Living Harmony.


Program cost:  $2497.  Individually, these sessions and support would cost $3,150 but through this highly successful and popular program, you can save over 20%!


Here are three easy ways to pay:


*Option One:  


                  One payment, Best Deal   $2,497 


*Option Two:  


                  3 EZ payments, $924




Essential oils and supplements additional cost. 

Still have questions?  Contact me, Cathleen Campbell at 646-245-2345 or email  Together we can work out a program that is perfect for you. 

Disclaimer: Living Harmony consultations, EFT and Young Living products are not designed to treat, cure or diagnose any disease; clients are encouraged to seek medical treatment with qualified medical personnel where appropriate.

© 2014, Cathleen Campbell, Living Harmony.  All rights reserved.










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