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One of the best ways we can help others is with our success stories, enlightening and supporting them as they begin or continue on their own journey.  Reviewing and studying our own successes lifts and enlightens us too, as well as showing areas that might still need tweaking.  Best of all, by helping others out of love, we raise our own vibrational frequency even more which draws to us even more abundance! 


Following are just a few of the actual success stories and personal experiences of some Living Harmony clients who have created incredible abundance, wellbeing and prosperity in their personal and professional lives.  I hope you find them inspriing and enlightening.

What a stroke of brillance it was for our company to work with Cathleen and her Living Harmony formulas.  Right from the start, she was able to cut through the tension of a difficult time in our company's history.  Within a few short sessions we were all feeling more balanced, optimistic and positive...but most importantly we were making progress and profits.  We had individual sessions for our management, and some group sessions too.  It was astounding how we simply dissolved negative and destructive thoughts and feelings - about our work, the market, our clients, our products and our fellow staff - and in their place easily established feelings of expansive abundance and gratitude.  Amazingly, as we worked on just our energy almost immediately we landed the biggest contract ever, and business has steadily grown from there.  Truthfully just the energy work would have been enough to increase our sales exponentially, but we didn't stop there. 

As we gained sure footing in our energy, we then turned to the technical aspects of our business and began building what is simply the most comprehensive and powerful marketing and business management program we've ever had.  With each step of the process, we worked on both the technical and the energetic aspects, and the results far exceeded anything we'd ever seen. Once in place, our Living Harmony Business and Marketing program is something we'll use ongoing and build upon as our business expands, it's an investment on which we'll continue to realize returns many times over.  And we won't ever let ourselves get stuck again:  we know now that the minute we get overwhelmed, frustrated or see a pattern developing we don't like all we have to do is work with Cathleen to tap into our energy and clear our way to success!  Thank you Cathleen, we'll always be grateful for having found you.                                                                                J.B., Atlanta, GA

My decision to work with Cathleen Cambpell, of Living Harmony, is most definitely one of the best decisions of my life. As of this, I have been working with her for over two years, and have achieved wonderful results across the board thanks to her energy healing methods and support. On a personal level,  

  • I had very severe allergies, that are much reduced today thanks to our work together
  • I used to wake up most days with fear, anxiety and sometimes a blue feeling, fearful of what was to come for me. Now, my experience most days is waking up with joy, anticipation and excitement.
  • She helped me clear a lot of resentment around loved ones, and as a result I now have a very positive relationship with my parents, a stronger marriage, and a fabulous relationship with my son.
  • I completely stopped my chronic weight gain in spite of very stressful circumstances, and am healthier today than I’ve been in a long time.

On a professional level, Cathleen’s unique combination of creating and training in best-business practices, supported by energy work are a uniquely powerful combination and I found for example:

  • With EFT, I went from dreading cold calling to being ok with it when I haven’t practiced it for a while, and outright enjoy it when I’m doing it on a regular basis.
  • I was able to overcome my resistances to selling and become a very competent salesperson for my business.
  • Working on the emotional aspects of my business with EFT allowed it to grow by almost 60% in just one year.


On a technical level, though I had studied and thought I knew what to do to grow my business, I wasn’t doing it all, and/or not doing it consistently. Working with EFT allowed me to clear all the blocks in the way of my growing my business. Even better, having done this work and witnessed those blocks in me allows me to understand and help my clients even better, since emotional blocks can also come in the way of Daily Mastery.  If you have any question about my experience with Cathleen, essential oils and EFT, please feel free to email me at Karin@DailyMastery or call me at 201-484-0263. I'd be happy to answer any question or concern you might have., and tell you more about my experience.  Love, Karin


Note:  If you are searching for support in managing your own time and organzing your personal and professional life, please visit Karin's web site at  Karin's tools are incredibly easy to apply and her approach is simple, direct and profoundly effective. 



It has been my fortunate experience to meet and work with Cathleen Campbell as a holistic healer.  Cathleen and I met at an EFT Energy Healing workshop and I have had the pleasure and honor of having her as one of my friends. I have been blessed with working with Cathleen on some issues and found her keen intuitive sense and generous heart to be a true asset to her practice. 


Cathleen gives generously of herself and guides the client to clarity and self empowerment. Cathleen's kindness, sensitivity, and articulate use of language create a truly enlightening and uplifting healing experience. 


My experiences with her have been wonderful and rewarding experiences which are graced with her love and sincerity.   It is a tremendous pleasure to know her and I look forward to a long and deep friendship and working partnership with her.  With Love, Lisa Porter, NY



“Thank you for your new web site!  There’s something about Living Harmony website that looks like you can dive right in and heal’s like wading into a healing pool.  It’s not surprising to me that your web site is a gift, because that’s how I feel each time I work with you, you just keep giving all that I need so that I have been able to make the changes I needed, finally.  Now your new site is going to be a resource I’ll use often, because I know between our session work and these resources even more of my dreams are only a bit of tapping away!”                                                                         

J.S., Palm Springs, FL



If they only knew...My life looked amazing on the outside.  I was “livin’ the dream” but inside I was miserable.  Having earned and created most of the things I wanted in my life, everything from a truly amazing job with an especially healthy salary to marriage with a good man and three wonderful children, I SHOULD have been really happy.  But I wasn’t.  I was miserable. 

Every day was a whirlwind of pre-scheduled events, everything from when I ate to how much time I had to spend with my kids.  My time was in demand, and I had to give it because they were paying me the big bucks.  My husband and I were reasonably happy, but I’d told no one that there was absolutely no spark left.  Was this what life was really all about?

I met Cathleen at a business function and she seemed so bright and happy.  She smelled great too, and we all commented on how she attracted the people in the room to her like flies to honey.  At first I thought it was her personality, but then I noticed that while she was vibrant, there was a certain something extra.  As I watched, I saw that indeed people were attracted to her.  She stood where she was and received us as we all migrated to her at one time or another.

My first sessions were nothing short of miraculous.  I’d done tons of other things to calm myself down, get perspective and try to find meaning in life.  But these sessions were different.  Cathleen taught me techniques I use every day.  And in an hour a week my fears, resentments, confusions and lethargy began to simply melt away.

Before I knew it, one day I found myself humming!  I was genuinely happy for the first time in I can’t remember when.  For the first time in perhaps ever, I was truly grateful and I felt it, really, really felt it.

As I continue to work with Cathleen, I finally dropped those 15 pounds that had crept in, found the joy for my work again which has helped me produce some of the best projects and results to date, released the tension and need of “having it all,” and best of all found that the spark really is still there!  My children are happier, my husband is thrilled and I’m finally really living the dream...only this time, outside and inside!

I HIGHLY recommend working with Cathleen on any issue, it's simply the most cost-effective way I've found to break through to real success on long-standing challenges.  She’s incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and welcoming.                             K.M., New York, NY



But I’m not in Sales...I’ve known Cathleen for many years, first as an association executive and now in her own business.  One day she asked me how I felt about my sales ability, and I told her that I don’t sell for a living, I work for a trade association.  She asked me, “so who do you think sells your members on YOUR services?” 

That got me thinking and I realized that actually, while I don’t sell memberships, I DO sell my board and committees and members on various program ideas as well as how to manage the association.  Cathleen was right!  Everything we do is related to sales.  And I felt terrible about it.  I was always dreading my meetings, especially the longer it took to review and decide about things.  They never seemed to like the ideas right from the start, and my enthusiasm was always an internal struggle.

We had just a few sessions when I saw the feelings I had about the process of sales just shift, as she says, and suddenly I was feeling terrific.  It doesn’t feel like I’m fighting against them anymore, and the results are showing.  My board seems calmer and the committees are slowly getting more effective.  I didn’t discuss this with anyone.  I didn’t want to have them know or feel that I was working on myself.  Instead they just think we’re all doing a great job!

It’s amazing how Cathleen was able to teach me some of these simple tools and show me how to combine them with the practices of our business so that my work is actually less difficult but more productive.  For anyone in association work, especially as finances get tighter and our members think they don’t need us as much with all the access on the internet, I highly recommend working with Cathleen and learning about Living Harmony.                                                                                 C. G., Arlington, VA



Mom had been looking for a canine companion for quite a while before we found Max.  He’s an adorable poodle mix, and she fell in love with him right away. He was really cute at first, but quickly became very tiresome. He nipped and jumped constantly, and when we even looked at the front door, he'd get so distressed he’d whine and race around sure we were leaving him for good.  Max had already had one home and unless he changed dramatically he was going to have to find yet another.  Mom was so worried, she didn’t want to loose her sweet new baby.

I’d worked with Cathleen on a few different issues, and remembered her saying she loves working with pets and their owners.  Cathleen came over for a home visit, and to say we were impressed and happy is an understatement. As we sat there, my Mother describing how rambunctious and overly energetic Max was, Cathleen asked if she could begin working directly on him.  We sat there astonished as within just a few minutes, Max was sitting at her feet, panting hard as he began to relax, but not even straining to get away! (Click here to read the FULL STORY)

I would and do recommend Cathleen’s Living Harmony methods for all sorts of challenges

especially pet problems, relationship, work issues and weight loss.  It’s amazing how easily

problems and patterns really can just dissolve and shift away.  Debbie O., Hoboken, NJ



"My weight loss efforts were going nowhere, and my allergies were a mess.  Determined to try anything and everything until I finally lost my excess weight, I contacted Living Harmony.  I was astounded to find a few simple changes to my home helped me shed pounds finally reduced!  As incredible as it sounds, with a Living Harmony Space Clearing I found myself cleaning closets and drawers almost accidentally, and as I cleaned out my home’s junk, it seemed like my body was following suit.  I’ve lost over 30 pounds and best of all I still eat ice cream!"                                                                                            K.F., Arlington, VA



My most embarrassing moment came the day I found myself unable to pay my electric bill because I was over-drafted again.  It wasn’t the being over-drafted that was so painful, it was the reason why, because I was addicted to getting psychic readings.  It was impossible for me to believe that I could be living with this awful secret, but my bank account didn’t lie.   


A friend referred me to Cathleen and to tell the truth, mine wasn’t the easy and fun stories I’ve read about but it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.  By working on weekly sessions and doing my own homework, pretty soon the compelling drive to call was pretty much gone and not because I was working hard at not calling.  It’s so hard to describe, but it seems like one moment I had to get readings and then the next time I looked I could have cared less.  I worked on some relationship issues, but also the sinking feeling I’d had about my life since I was in high school and couldn’t figure out which extra courses to take.  Cathleen was so understanding, she always helped me to get myself to feel better and for the first time in my life I can really say that I do approve of myself.


My decision to work with Cathleen to learn her techniques for how to stop calling psychics is the best one I’ve made in a long time.  I’m saving my heart and a lot of money now too.                                                                               C. M., Orchard Lake, MI




“I’d had Living Harmony work on my first NY area apartment and my original intention was to find a relationship and get married.  I was surprised to find that though eventually I do want to marry, my real goal right now is to explore, build and enjoy my exciting career.  Previously I thought that perhaps these goals were mutually exclusive and I had experienced a great deal of angst over not having the perfect relationship.  Through working with Cathleen’s Success Coaching and Feng Shui services, I learned that actually in order to have that perfect relationship, I needed to understand, trust and believe in myself first.  After my initial consultation, things just seemed to fall into place and I began to find a new sense of peace.  Since then I’ve experienced several career advancements, moved into a dream apartment in NY and finally I’m experiencing healing and better health.  I’m now more confident not only in myself but also in my goals.  Cathleen has now Feng Shui’d my new apartment and the results from that were astounding!  The next day after our consultation, my boss gave me the greatest compliment yet.  And my love life is beginning to heat up, but this time I’m attracting respectful, successful and emotionally mature people into my life.”                                                                                   K. W., New York, NY



“My work is sales, and since I work on commission-only I’ll try anything I can do to increase business at least once.  I first had Living Harmony come to my office, a cubicle, in the late fall with the intention of not only increasing my sales but also getting some badly office help to help me process all the work.  My business is now booming and I am constantly gaining new sales and my boss is always receiving compliments about my work and service to our clients.  Oh, and shortly after my consultation with Cathleen I had an unprecedented event:  I was given my own support person to help me process all my work!  What I like best about working with Cathleen is that she focuses on building small successes which eventually result in amazing overall achievements.  The work is easily doable on my hectic schedule and the Feng Shui adjustments made sense, were practical and also easy to implement myself."

                                                                                         L. F., New York, NY



“Our business had been doing fairly well but there seemed to be certain level which we couldn’t get past.  Clients came for only a few sessions and then would move on or cancel last minute, new clients were not easy to find and the other practitioners in the practice came and went without firm commitment.  On a referral I had Living Harmony do an in-office consultation and with just a few simple changes I was amazed at the immediate result:  the next day 5 NEW clients called to make repeat appointments!  Experiencing that inspired me to have Cathleen review the entire office complex, and once again a few simple changes seemed to move all the pieces into place.  She gave us easy to understand tools and exercises that are helping us all understand our goals and how to achieve them.  My fellow practitioners began taking a more committed interest and they noticed their own businesses increasing.  Clients commented on how peaceful and supportive the environment had become.  We then began to work with Living Harmony as a group with the Success Coaching, into which Cathleen also incorporated Feng Shui principles.  Our office is now a vibrant, growing, prosperous office and our clients are achieving great results as well."  

                                                                                                  B.O., Hoboken, NJ



“I first witnessed Cathleen Campbell’s work and her depth of knowledge in the office/computer room of my son’s house.  Working with the goals they had for their family, Cathleen adapted this room with the practical Feng Shui techniques they continue to use to this day, and the room now allows my son and his family to function at their highest potential.  The most remarkable change was the immediate feeling of peace that now permeates that room, as well as the rest of their home.”

                           M. G., Gainesville, GA



“Cathleen came to us during the holidays when we were building a new home and we decided to have her give us a Feng Shui consultation.  We worked on our new home before even the walls were installed, and though my husband didn’t think much of it, he is now a complete convert!  Since moving into our new house we’ve experienced the most amazing transformations including financial abundance, family peace and harmony, career advancements, etc.  The most amazing transformation though has been the birth of our gorgeous daughter.  After years of disappointments, operations and medical procedures, once living in our home it seemed as though a cloud lifted and our dreams were coming true easily and as planned.  The IV procedure which hadn’t worked previously worked like a charm, and a little over a year after we moved in our daughter was born.  Amazingly, this child is simply the most healthy child we know – she never has the typical ear infections or other infant issues, she sleeps and eats easily and has the most delightful disposition.  Since then whenever we furnished a new room, are dealing with a challenging issue or want to increase abundance in our lives we have Cathleen review our Feng Shui.  We’ve recommended Living Harmony to our friends and family and are always ecstatic with the results.”

                                                                                                       B. B., Sarasota, FL



“Several months ago I was given a Living Harmony consultation as a gift.  At the time I was dealing with increasing loss of sight due to several issues and frankly I was skeptical that this process would have any impact at all.  Cathleen was very kind and advised that due to my physical limitations she would not suggest moving any of my furniture, but she installed other ‘adjustments’ – a plant there, a decorative item here – and through the power of our intention and these ‘anchors’ we would support my overall healing and health.  The miracle didn’t come overnight, rather it came in the form of a new urge: to get another doctor’s opinion.  A new surgical procedure was prescribed and has given me back more than 50% of my sight.  Though I’m still amazed, I now fully admit that the only thing I did differently was to have my home Feng Shui’d.  There is no other explanation but to say that through Living Harmony and Cathleen, I was guided to the help I needed and a new lease on life!”                                                     M.G. Sarasota, FL

© 2012, Cathleen Campbell, Living Harmony.  All rights reserved.



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