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We lament our minds don’t come with an owner’s manual.  But let’s admit, even for the most complex mechanisms we never use them anyway.  We opt instead for straining to connect with intuitive guidance, fumbling at knobs and levers until completely frustrated we finally resort to consulting the manual, or calling in a 5 year old.  Given enough frustration in life we’d gladly turn to the Mind Manual, except while now there’s a vast sea of expert materials all stating various theories, many of them are in direct opposition.  Just like waves lapping at the shore the expert books and programs keep coming, rushing forward toward us eagerly offering support, then ebbing into the growing abyss of former best-sellers.


So just how can we use our minds effectively?


The old joke goes, “the mind is a terrible thing and it must be stopped in our lifetime.”  But the joke’s not such a bad idea.  If only we could stop our minds from endlessly replaying frustrating questions and ineffective reasoning, life could be so wonderful. It may seem difficult or perhaps impossible, but we really can learn to think in productive ways, sending out our intentions to manifest in abundant peace. 


While we’re just beginning to gain scientific insights, develop our ability to measure and confirm, the truth is we’ve had instruction and understanding all along.  From ancient texts to more modern day artists, the great masters have known how to create anything they desired by directing their energetic resources through the power of their minds.  The masters teach us the most simple and effective lessons, lessons we can apply to any area of our lives. 


We know that master creators just don’t give up, and yet most people give up shortly before victory would have been theirs.  We know too from the most ancient of writings that whatever we can conceive, we can achieve. 


“Our life is what our thoughts make it.” Marcus Aurelius


There are simple techniques, but through the thickness of our stuck energies and the confusion of our lack of training and discipline we just don’t have the control yet to follow their advice.  So, we read untold millions of self-help books and attend countless seminars only to continue to feel there is something wrong with us, because we “just can’t get it.”


We’re right.  We can’t get it.  Not all of it, not consciously.  Our mind is so much more than our conscious thought or the rare stray awareness that floats up into our conscious view.  The majority of our cognitive abilities operate on a plane and in a dimension that we can’t consciously comprehend.  The majority of our conscious resources lay in the dimension called our subconscious.


Yet we struggle and push, we try to force and cajole, we’d beg, borrow and steal if we could just get our thoughts all pointing in the same direction.  We just can’t do it, we simply can not manage, organize, monitor and police our every’s impossible.  There’s just far too many of them, and they come much too fast for our conscious processing.  We don’t yet know how to manage our minds, and so we feel thoughts happen “to” us.  Given enough disappointments and frustrations, we’ll give up and never learn what power we really have.  


Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation...

even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind.Leonardo da Vinci


The good news is that we really can learn to understand how our minds work, and better yet how to manage all our cognitive resources both conscious and subconscious.  The key is to learn that it’s not positive thinking we need, but effective thinking.  Positive thinking is wonderful, but it’s almost impossible for us to think positively all the time, and nearly unfathomable for some to think positively given what they’ve been through.  If thinking positive is how we think we’ll create what we want, we’re doomed to fail before we begin.  So if positive thinking alone doesn’t work, and  we’ve got all these negative thoughts and memories to wade through, can we ever really create what we want? 


So many times when we are frustrated and hurting we keep repeating questions to ourselves such as “why did this happen to me?” or “what did I do wrong?” and that’s exactly the problem.  We continue to create the very reasons and evidence supporting the negative outcomes we are suffering to heal.  And we continue to ask the questions that create more of having what we don’t want.  It’s not just an never-ending cycle, it’s an ever-increasing and fast-moving river of energy propelling us forward and always forward.


While restoring harmony to our thoughts is beneficial and imperative to our wellbeing, we don’t have to wait until we’re “fixed” to start living more abundant lives with peaceful minds.  We don’t really have to figure out all that we did wrong in order to go right!  In fact, the only reason why we'd ever want to fully understand the mechanics of what we don't like is if we want to keep creating it.  What we really want to concentrate on is how to create more of what we really want, and let the rest fade away or we can clear as we go.  We really can start right from where we are, learn to master our minds so that we can steer our course to a more abundant and harmonious today and prosperous tomorrow. 


All the breaks you need in life wait within your imagination,

Imagination is the workshop of your mind, capable of turning

mind energy into accomplishment and wealth.

                                                                                                   Napoleon Hill


The tools, resources and information Living Harmony offers are proven and effective tools not just for manifesting your desires, as is popular today, but for learning to embrace all the power you have in your own super intelligence, that unique combination of your conscious and subconscious minds.  The tools themselves are often deceptively easy, and the results can be stunning.  But most important is the sense of peace and harmony we have right now.  Not just for some future date when everything is in place and you don’t have anything else for your mind to torture you with, but right now as you learn, work and play your way to manifesting your dreams.  Take the time to read about some of these techniques and some real-life results posted throughout this site, and send me any questions you may have via email at

In truth all that we seek to resolve and manifest has already been manifested.  Just on the other side of our conscious realization, our physical realities are the wonders of what are minds have already brought forth and created for us.  We can learn to bring these dreams into the sharp focus of our current realty as we Tap Into the PowerTM and create in Living Harmony.

© 2012, Cathleen Campbell, Living Harmony.  All rights reserved.


Create Peace Within,
Get Joy from Your World


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