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There’s nothing more beautiful than a calm, joyfully radiant bride. Everyone knows that Blissful Bride Cathleen!radiance is love shining directly from her heart to her spouse-to-be. It’s a tangible force family, friends and onlookers get to bask in as she makes her way from singlehood to engagement and eventually down the aisle. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

The experience of being a bride in reality is often a struggle to either remain in those glorious joyful moments while getting it all done. Or sadly, for far too many, a game of cover-up and pretend as the stress, tension and disappointments build to a crushing crescendo come the wedding day.

In today’s lipo-this, bleach-that society with countless demanding vendors, fashion experts and unforgiving beauty media let alone insistent family and friends, it’s a wonder that any bride (or groom for that matter!) gets to enjoy that special day, relationship love or the celebration that’s meant to send the couple into their new lives filled with happy, supportive and carefree memories.

The truth is that no matter how in-love, successful or sure you, are getting married simply involves a unique set of stresses that can derail even the most centered of us. Without any training, the bride especially (or whomever is doing the majority of the planning) is thrown into a very competitive market and must make hundreds of decisions which will affect not only the wedding ceremony and celebration, but her relationship and married pocketbook.

And, as if that’s not enough pressure, she’s to do this all while looking like a fashion-plate supermodel in a dress style she isn’t used to as she makes everyone involved feel special and appreciated.

No wonder we’ve come to accept and expect a certain amount of “the crazies” from brides, their future spouses, families and friends – in fact, we have actually coined a term for those who have completely lost touch with patience and rational thinking during this time, “bridezilla.” It may be fun entertainment for some to watch so-called reality shows about such demanding brides, but most often the feelings are internalized and many suffer with so much pain silently during what could be one of the most wonderful times of their entire lives.

You’re already hearing yourself worry like this, aren’t you?

*I’ll never get everything done!


*Everything’s too expensive, I can’t have the wedding of my dreams!


*Why can’t everyone keep their comments to themselves?


*My family is a disaster, how am I going to make them all behave so we can have a happy wedding?


*There’s so much to do, I don’t know where to start!


*I’ll never get into the dress I want, and even if I do I’m not going to be beautiful I’m too fat/skinny/old/etc.”


*Just when I thought everything was settled, something or something has me upset again – I simply can’t enjoy getting married!



With just a few simple tools, you too can be A Blissful Bride! 


No matter what the challenge, stress or upset – we’ve got the tools and methodology to release, reframe and recreate. Using EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, a gentle yet proven extremely effective self-applied form of acupressure we can engage our natural releasing response. Then, working with other modalities such as Feng Shui and Aromatherapy, we can actually harness all our inner power and that of the Universe to consciously create whatever we want, especially the fun, loving, joyful wedding we’ve always wanted!

Living Harmony’s Bridal Program includes some of the following focus:

▪ Bridal Beauty – release both the stressful upsets about body image and/or excess weight enabling you to actually enjoy being the center of attention throughout the wedding celebration

▪ Decision Dilemmas - choose and install supportive money and success beliefs that automate success in every area of planning and execution including – finding the perfect wedding dress, securing the best reception venue on your desired date and at a price you can easily afford, and more

▪ Money Madness- easily release negative feelings about money including overwhelm, resentment, anger, bitterness, fear, anxiety, embarrassment, shame, family tensions...and the aftermath emotions of large expenditures.

▪ Sabotaging Stress - quickly Let Go of new negative feelings and experiences that threaten to derail you as they arise throughout the preparation and especially on your special day

▪ Joyful Jubilation - effectively install positive feelings so they become your automatic, natural response throughout your entire engagement and wedding experience and into your new life together

▪ Cherry Chatter - finally stop searching for the “but why!”’s that have begun plaguing your waking, and sometimes sleeping mind ever since you got engaged and were “supposed” to be happy but can’t so you can have a peace-filled mind and heart throughout

Living Harmony Bride offers you a variety of options from targeted single sessions to ongoing support throughout your entire wedding experience.

Available in-person in the Hoboken, NJ area or from the comfort of your home or office via tele-session, it’s time to stop stressing and instead return to love and enjoying your wedding experience.

Release the Stress, Enjoy the Living Harmony!

Call 646-245-2345 or email me at to schedule your session, or simply click on the link below to select your desired session program now:

Living Harmony Bride – Single Session $150.00

Living Harmony Bride – Ongoing Weekly Support, billed in a 4 Session Package - $450.00 (a special offer of 10% off single sessions)

Living Harmony Bride Tele-Classes and Products – watch out for announcements on this page, the Living Harmony Facebook page ( and in Living Harmony emails should you opt-in by registering.


Are you a Bridal Vendor or Retailer? You’re not alone either! The stresses felt by brides and their families are often shared by the talented and dedicated people who have committed their entire careers to making her special day. Sure, like in any industry, there are those who are unscrupulous. And with the push to be perfect, there are also a myriad of services and products that are designed to take advantage of her already self-conscious fears. But for the most part, the wedding professional is often an extremely kind person who truly wants to help brides, grooms, wedding parties, their family and friends have the most wonderful, magical and special experience possible. They would like to earn a good living, but many don’t turn enough of a profit at all. Between the stress of budgets, time crunches, the emotional overload and everything else that goes into making the sale to put that wedding together, vendors and retailers in this unique industry are often prone increased stress and difficulty. But you too can Release the Stress so you can enjoy a happy, prosperous and joyful career helping brides create their dream day.

If you’d like to be a stress-free bridal vendor or retailer, start your sessions now by clicking one of programs offered above. And if you’re ready to supercharge your marketing and business management, email me to learn how Living Harmony’s Business program can help you create magnetically attractive business materials and functions to jet you and your business to unparalleled success at

Be sure to sign up for Living Harmony’s E-Zine to get inspiration and updates on future tele-classes and upcoming products – simply register in the form above, or email me at

Living Harmony(n) 1. the process of contentedly being in each moment, effectively using all the energies seen and unseen to seamlessly produce in dynamic synchronicity with all energies both internal and external.   


2.  the system of internal and external environmental energy management tools created by Cathleen Campbell, applied with the Living Harmony Manifesting Formula,  used to synergistically support the development of more successful conscious manifesting in creating more abundant prosperity in any area of life or subject; our organically intended state of being.

Living Harmony teaches individual clients, groups and organizations the internal and external environmental energy tools we all need to clear the stuck energy keeping us blocked from creating and attracting the success, prosperity and wellbeing we seek in our personal, professional and spiritual lives.  For more information about services, products and programs, please visit our Book Sessions page.  Additional helpful information about manifesting and energy can be found throughout this site and a list of Frequently Asked Questions or the Sample Client Profiles may provide the information you need to begin learning to manifest your own desires in Living Harmony.


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